Just before departure… (28.06.2019)

The car is fully packed and we will drive tomorrow afternoon  to Kröslin for last preparations and final cleaning.

Saturday morning, June 29th 2019, we plan to untie the lines. Unfortunately, the winds are not really favorable for us, because the forecast for the coming week predicts rather westerly winds.
Saturday weak westerly winds
Sunday morning southerly and from afternoon on westerly winds

Possible way to Kiel due to westerly winds

Since we plan to sail from Kröslin to Kiel during the first week, westerly winds are not really the best for us. A possible way out of this situation would be to sail to the NW into the Smålandshavet.

The actual plan is: untie the lines on Saturday morning and – if possible due to the weak winds – sail into the Grønsund. Continuation on Sunday morning, profiting from the southerly winds until we reach some island in the Smålandshavet. Then waiting for better conditions in some of the harbors…

But as we all know: plans can always change. We will see…

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