Biscaya – only a short notice what we do…

We have decided to start our Biscay crossing today from Lorient. The weather is not favorable, but at least the winds are weak. Coming weekend they forecast strong SW winds, so we prefer to start now…

We aim for A Coruna, but it could be that we have to stop in some other places. We will see.

Unfortunately, I could not see all my French friends that I wanted to meet, since the wind decided differently. That makes me sad, but I cannot change it…

Summary: We will not be “visible” for 2-3 days. From Wednesday or Thursday on you should be able to see us again. According to my experience, the vesselfinder works better in Northern Spain than MarineTraffic.

“See you” then! The normal report comes later. Cheers!

2 Antworten auf „Biscaya – only a short notice what we do…“

  1. Wishing you all fair winds and a happy trip! My mate Mario was quite looking forward to do Biscay again after all these years, so hope he enjoys! Hm actually, hope you all enjoy!!

    1. Hi Dody, enjoying is probably not the right word. In fact, it was quite stressfull.
      Not enough wind, too much motor hours and too much wind in the end…
      Mario is on the way back home now.
      Cheers, Andreas

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